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Allen Baler is known as a prosperous small business expert that really likes nurturing and empowering other people to be a lot more self-sufficient in both small business and even life. Harvard prepared (he graduated having honors), he initially appreciated an excellent career functioning regarding others but eventually in 2008 decided to take his very first step as a good business owner when he started Reboot Marketing, LLC, plus he has hardly ever looked back. Right now, one small business has led to yet another, and thus nowadays below the identifying flag of 4Patriots, Mr. Baler has begun offshoots for example Food4Patriots, Water4Patriots, SurvivalSeeds4Patriots and also the data product or service, Power4Patriots, a good guide which shows folks the way to generate their very own off-the-grid electricity.

Allen Baler maintains a balanced and even beneficial on-line reputation, sharing facts about a range of issues and even supporting other people inside their search to develop mindset and even presence in their own personal corporations via the blog bearing his name and also, his Twitter profile (allen baler @allenbaler). His tweets tend to concentrate on subjects that are business targeted, like marketing, online business start-ups, as well as small company overall. Throughout his projects, Baler wants to empower other individuals to be able to do well, get by, and also higher than all other things, to accomplish their own dreams. Allen Baler currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, together with his wife as well as their three daughters.

A Look At Caldwell ID; Economic Research

Caldwell and Nampa Idaho Research

(Economic City Report Service Sector)

Economic Report on Caldwell, ID. First I would like to comment on the first rate job being done by Mr. Al Ames of the Caldwell Economic Development Council. He and his team have devised a revitalization of the down town area. There is a river flowing under the city, which has been paved over and built upon. They will be uncovering about 10 blocks of it and changing the area to allow for a Downtown River Walk like in San Antonio. It will be called the Indian Creek “River Walk” (actually the Boise River officially still) and it is impressive and they have in place all the funding. At the end of the area is a Turn about being built to allow for five directional traveling including allowing people to get onto the two downtown one-way streets. There is a six-acre piece of property available which was an old pallet factory, the owner wishes to move it. Perfect for a Large Service Business. Many new homes going in and we expect a continuing growth there that will be unparallel and should surpass the Nampa, ID growth in terms of percentage increases in 2004-2006. Nampa now the sign says 68,680 but that is wrong way more people and growth everywhere.

When we met with Mr. Ames for an hour, he said he was meeting with Senator Mike Crapo that afternoon to alert him of the ongoing progress and excellent recruitment work. They are inline with our thinking, Caldwell is going to have a population explosion and they are revitalizing just in time. They are working on implementing a project called L.I.F.T. Local Infrastructure Financing Trust. Mr. Aimes worked under President Carter in charge of NV, ID, OR economic development and did an awesome job creating jobs and setting the local cities and counties back on track to help tax base and cities provide services. Mr. Aimes also was in charge of the Torch in Downtown Newport Beach, CA. during his stint there. It has been burning 30 years now. I have been discussing on this board the various river walks and downtown revitalizing a key to cities, which have had agriculture (now done by machines and corporate farming) based economies and manufacturing jobs that have gone over seas.

As economies move to retail and services and leisure and the baby boomers grow older and desire these things this is a good play to help those towns which have had areas boarded up and small businesses gone out of business due to decreased jobs and box store corporate merchandising. The population in Caldwell is a mere 30,800 up from 25,900 in about a year and a half. New residential park going in now called; Delaware Park, with single family dwellings. Some of the older crowd moving in who cannot afford the higher priced Meadow Lake Retirement Village, similar to a Sun City, ID style. Sky Ranch Industrial Park is a major upgrade, 65 acre industrial park which will make it the largest in ID and rivaling Anaconda Industrial Transportation hub area outside of Butte. West Valley Medical Center allows for those older people to move in and have all the medical services they need, it also allows for many high paying jobs. Canyon County is growing at about 2.6% since 2000. Nampa at 4.8% and Garden City has about 11,000 people in it now. Meridian has 34,919 and Eagle has 12,000 now and growing high end. The whole area is picking up the growth that the build out in Boise could not sustain as the construction and growth has nearly hit all city limits. Since 1970 ID has lost about 4,000 family farms, some to corporate farmers like J.R. Simplots buying them up for sales of frozen potatoes to McDonalds. Also grown in this area of ID are Peas, which makes it number one in the world for peas. Barley, Hops, Onions which were originally Simplots first crop which they dehydrated and shipped which helped build the town.

In 1941 they started doing potatoes in WWII. Caldwells origins were with the railroad during the gold rush in CA. Many hotels, saloons, etc, made the town grow fast in its early days. Caldwell was named after C.A. Caldwell Ex-governor of Kansas in 1890. In 1884 the area before it became a city had 600 residents, 150 buildings, 40 businesses and 3 churches. Albertson College was built in 1891. Yes same family that own Albertsons Grocery today which is HQ in Boise, ID. Today Canyon County has some 380,000 irrigated acres, most irrigated from Snake River. Caldwell has much Dairy Industry farms. For every 1000 Dairy Cows it employs about 30 people. National Dairy Association. Milk, Cheese and Cows are big business in the US and huge in this region.

The Annual Fair is happening now until August 19.

The Aircraft Museum has moved to a brand new Facility in Nampa. $5.00 per visit and worth the money.

[] .

The business community is very united and aggressively working with the economic development departments and the city on behalf of small business in the area and sports a large chamber of commerce. The office space and retail space leasing prices are about; $8.00 to $15.00 in Ada County it is little higher by a buck or two stated a commercial real estate broker we met in Starbucks in Boise. In Canyon County 61% of the Population is either in Nampa or Caldwell, Industrial is low at about $.20-35 or so. Over 60% of the industrial buildings in the county are within city limits of Nampa and Caldwell.

check out the aerial views on that site. Lots of opportunity in this region of our Great Nation; Caldwell is next to have the exponential growth in ID;

[] .

Mike Gable agrees Exec. Director. In Caldwell we found some nice properties too near the freeway for about 175K per acre, so for businesses moving in it is quite affordable. We also talked with the Chamber of Commerce in Caldwell and Meridian both were hyper-optimistic about growth and working hard to keep infrastructure ahead of the curve, the program is working; We agree with their observations completely.

Tourism is alive and well. The average California Tourist spends $349.00 in Idaho. Oregonians spend average of $104.00 and Washington travelers spend $113.00 . Tourism is about to get even better after the Indian Creek River walk is completed. But also not to be underestimated is businesses such as Darigold, West Farms and Crookham Seed-Hybrid Corn. Many people work in Boise and live in Nampa and Caldwell, which is stressing I-84 and the 184 City Center FWY link. Some jobs are call center jobs, one is for Direct TV and they pay $8.00 per hour instead of $5.15 minimum, because they say listening to a complaining caller about their HBO service. For information about all of this check out the 43 Billion Sales in ID. .

Canyon County’s Labor force is over $69,000 and unemployed is 5.9% so things are good for operating a service business in that region. This region of ID is looking good for 2005, we are bullish on the Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa Markets.

11 Things To Try Before You Die

Remember the time when you floored the pedal without warning while driving on the highway to feel that sudden surge of rush in your chest? Yea, those are the moments that make us feel truly alive. There are some activities undertaken around the world whose purpose may or may not be to get the adrenaline juices flowing, but they certainly send us over the moon with a rush experienced never before.

11: Pathway to Heaven? – Motorbike on the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

The North Yungas road (also known as Death Road), is a 69km long road connecting the Bolivian towns of La Paz and Coroico. At a staggering lung sapping height of 5km above sea level, this single lane road, the width of which is as little as 3 metres at some of the hairpin curves, needs the drivers to have the guile of a surgeon to negotiate its rail-less length. Add to that the fog and landslides, and what you have is the most dangerous road on earth. Now a much safer bypass has been built for the vehicles to go to Coroico, but Yungas road is still being used by bikers who seek a thrill that the ordinary urban roads refuse to give them. Hurling down the Death Road at breakneck speed, passing the crosses which mark the spots where other vehicles have fallen, needs an immense amount of courage bordering on sheer insanity. But the adrenaline rush it provides has no comparison. But why is it ranked eleven? Well, putting your life on the line for a thrill – not quite the smartest thing to do.

10: Glide over Waters – Waterskiing in Costa Rica

Let go of the restrictions of land and feel the freedom that water provides at Costa Rica, one of the best destinations to go waterskiing. Just think about it. A 40 horsepower motor boat roaring in front of you, moving at a scintillating speed and all you have between you and the 40 horses is a rope to hold on to. Yes, there is one more thing Costa Rica is famous for apart from the gorgeous belles that rule the Miss Universe Pageants. It’s the thrilling waterskiing experience that it provides. So, hold on to your ropes as you skim over the water’s surface and feel a rush you have never felt before.

9: Ride the Wave – Surf at Cortes Bank, USA

If you think that you’ve experienced it all while surfing the shores of Hawaii and Australia, wait till you get to Cortes Bank, USA. Around 105 miles off Californian coast, at Cortes Bank you will find the experienced surfers searching for the biggest waves around. This is not for the faint hearted as some of the waves go as high as 60 feet. Under these ten storied angry walls of water, set one foot wrong and the waves will come crashing down on you like a thousand sledgehammers.

8: The Ultimate Pilgrimage – White Water Rafting at Rishikesh, India

Some go to Rishikesh, a place of pilgrimage, to seek the Almighty’s blessings, while others seek something different altogether. The mighty Ganges at Rishikesh passes through thick forests, canyons, terraced hillsides and treacherous rocks, providing a perfect backdrop for a sport that thrives in the pulsating rush that it offers – white water rafting. Now, a popular adventure sport among the westerners and the corporate looking for an off-beat recreational activity, white water rafting is generally undertaken in the upper reaches of the river where the water is at its turbulent best, sending the rafts pounding against the rocks and falling from sharp gradients. So, if you’re in Rishikesh, get hold of that helmet, get onto the raft and lose yourself to the forces of nature.

7: The King and I – Walk Among the Lions at MatusadonaNational Park

The next time you go on an African safari, head towards MatusadonaNational Park in northern Zimbabwe. Experience one of those usual tiring daylong safaris and as the dusk sets in, relax by taking a leisurely walk… with the lions. By now you probably know that this is not your usual safari. Get a feel of what it’s like to be a part of a pride as you ‘mingle’ with the lions and even camp with them. This is one experience where you will not have to make an effort to get that thrill. Or is it more like the chill? A friendly suggestion – just make doubly sure that the lions aren’t hungry.

6: Vertigo with a View – BASE Jump at Voss, Norway

Every year at Voss, during the Extreme Sports Week, the high risk sports enthusiast converge to get their share of the action. So, after the initial sombre rounds of white water rafting, mountain biking and kayaking, they decide to get their juices flowing by hurling themselves off the 3,825 feet high GrosedaMountain down to the shores of LakeVangsvatnet. If you are itching to try your hand at this berserk activity, I guess you should know that BASE jumping is so dangerous that some countries have banned it. If you want to try it anyway, well, just don’t forget the parachute.

5: For the Twisted – Chase Storms in Tornado Alley, USA

When we spot an approaching tornado, common logic demands that we run and get the hell out of the place. But there are some who follow a different school of thought. Run, they do. But in a direction opposite to that which a sane man would take – towards the rampaging tornado. In the stretch between the Rocky and Appalachian mountains, is a region called the Tornado Alley which receives around 1000 tornado strikes a year (little wonder how it got its name). Now, these people, equipped with the most cutting edge tornado detection systems, go around chasing these tornados to witness their ‘majestic beauty’. If chasing tornadoes is your kind of a weekend activity, contact one of the tour companies offering what is called tornado chasing holidays.

4: Truly Incredible – Fly a MiG

Bored of the airplane simulation games you play at home? Now get a feel of flying one of these fighters with the G force, brain jam et all. We are not talking about a new cutting age simulation machine here, but the real thing. Head to Russia and fly one of their MiG fighters over the city of Moscow. If this doesn’t get your pulse racing, just check again if your heart’s actually pumping. Many more countries like Australia, South Africa and the US offer similar flying experiences, but nothing beats the experience of flying the legendary MiG.

3: For that Grown Up Kid : Kingda Ka Roller Coaster, Six Flags, USA

If you thought roller coasters were for kids, think again. Kingda Ka roller coaster was built in the year 2005 to give the 12-acre Golden Kingdom Six Flags theme park the bragging rights for having the tallest as well as the fastest roller coaster in the world. It goes up 418 feet and then drops at a speed of 428 miles per hour to give you a once in a lifetime rush. Who needs those fighter planes when you get roller coasters like these. Don’t forget to carry your barf bags!

2: Free Falling – Bungee Jump off the BloukransBridge, South Africa

You might still be bragging about your fall from the tree when you were a kid, but you won’t after you read this. BloukransBridge in South Africa plays host to the highest commercially operated bungee jump in the world. Walk through a specially designed catwalk and on reaching the top of the arch, look down. Even the full body harness won’t save you from the chill creeping in as you look down 216 meters towards Bloukrans river. You never have so much fun fearing for your life.

1: A View to Dive For – Sky Diving on the Gold Coast, Australia

The best view of the Gold Coast is from the top. The turquoise ocean, the light brown strip of the sandy beaches, the harbour… but wait, you’re falling right into the view!! Sky diving on Gold Coast is the ultimate adventure activity. If you want to get your fill of the thrill, get into the helicopter that takes off from Mariner’s Cove, get harnessed to an experienced instructor and let go. You will never have experienced such a rush all your life.

So if you need to get your heart racing and know what living on the edge is like, let go off that PlayStation joystick and engage in any one of the eleven activities that’ll give you the adrenaline rush that you have been craving. If you manage to get none of these things done before you die, rest assured that the Devil’s not going to save you a place in Hell. And we all know that Hell is where the beautiful women are at.

Great Neighborhood to Consider When Looking for a Home

Carmel Valley is an ideal location for the professional person working in the Tech Industry and also the Medical Professionals working at the close by Scripps Hospital as well as other Health and Medical Research facilities. It is also home to the ever-increasing Bio-Tech industry. There are many high-rise office complexes within a few minutes commute that house companies like the famous Qualcomm Corporation.

Carmel Valley is named after the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy who built a monastery and established a dairy farm many years ago. Before that, people known as the La Jolla and Ipai people lived here. Cultural artifacts have been found along the banks of the Carmel Creek. After the Gold Rush, the miners came south and finding this a pleasant location decided to settle and build homes for themselves. Many years later ranchers travelled south bringing their horses cattle and established farms growing beans and corn. This once known agricultural area has become one of the most sought after locations in the North County of San Diego.

It has become a family community with the now well-known award-winning schools offering a wide range to suit all nationalities. Education is handled by the Del Mar Union, Solana Beach and San Dieguito school districts as well as a number of prestigious private schools. There are places of worship to suit all religious persuasions. The newly developed and popular Athletic Club and Recreation Center is enjoyed by the local community who have a choice too of golf courses close by, private and municipal, The Grand Del Mar Golf Resort being one of the top golf courses and resorts in San Diego County. The Torrey Pines Golf Course is close by and home to the PGA tournament.

This pleasant and peaceful community is located close to the ocean and a little north of the City of San Diego. The estimated population in Carmel Valley is about 37,000 and home to a wide demographic society. Home prices range from, Condo’s $200,000 to large homes of 2 Million. Pardee Homes, Shea and Davidson are some of the well-known construction companies that have established most of the neighborhoods.

Attractions within about 25 minutes are the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and Del Mar Fair, Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, Sea World and San Diego. Carmel Valley is a great community close to shops, restaurants, beach and down-town.

There is an extensive trail system for walking and bike riding. City Planner Kevin Lynch wanted to develop an area and leave the canyons untouched which is where many of the trails run. Most of the homes were built on the mesa tops. Torrey Pines Reserve is one of the most popular with breath-taking views over the ocean and if you look carefully you will see dolphins playing in the surf and in the winter season whale spouts are easily visible.

This neighborhood can be enjoyed by all as it offers houses for sale and also is listed in the San Diego Properties for Rent publications.

Scottsdale Arizona Golf Vacation

A Scottsdale Arizona Golf vacation is a great way to spend a vacation for a golfer because of the unfailing good weather and year round sunshine.

Scottsdale is the most popular golf resort town in Arizona. The variety of geographical features in Scottsdale has made it a golfer’s destination like no other. Different elevations, mountains rivers, deserts and canyons give Scottsdale the edge in golf course formation. Keen golfers have hundreds of golf courses to choose from both public and private. Golfers can stay at boutique hotels, three, four and five star hotels. Condos with all amenities like kitchens and laundry are also available for rent. Fully fitted rental homes near golf courses are available. Most accommodations have staff that are golfers themselves and can customize packages according to the golfer’s needs. The number of days, the kind of golf course and the number of golf courses to play on are all customized according to the needs of the golfer vacationer.

There are different kinds of courses in Scottsdale Arizona and each course offers a challenge of a new kind. There are courses in resorts like Orange Tree golf resort. Golf clubs like the Ancala Country club and the Country Club at D.C.Ranch . Courses in different terrains like deserts, mountains and amidst winding rivers test the golfer’s skills to the limit.

Scottsdale has many activities for after golf and non golfers. There are many art galleries, craft shops, Year round good weather allows the town to host event round the year. There are always art shows, cultural shows, music performances and balls. Scottsdale has the reputation of being, ‘the most western town’ in the U.S.

A vacationer can also take advantage of the many golf schools in Scottsdale to learn golf or improve the game. Gold schools keep the instructor student ratio low so that the student can truly improve the game. Programs are 12 to 30 hours long. And span two to five days. Lunch is inclusive. Corrective golf programs and beginner programs are offered. Women, children and corporate groups can have special programs. Coaches are usually PGA standard trainers and are the finest in the profession. Instructors are trained to make training a fun experience and the relaxed atmosphere of a vacation permeates the lessons adhering to the all important golf instruction, ‘easy does it.’

The best choices of golfing vacations are available in Scottsdale, fitting every budget and every taste. With so much to do and so many golfing challenges to overcome Scottsdale is truly the dessert on the plate of the gourmet golfer in the desert state.

Copyright (c) 2008 Chad Sullivan

Junior Mining Companies Are a Faster Way to Gold Profits

Even if the volatility of the markets have made you bury your head in the sand, you’d at least be somewhat aware that precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and others, have soared in price over the past decade. Aside from investors turning to these commodities as recessionary or safeguard investments, the prices of these precious metals are on the rise, due to an increasingly high demand and limited supply. While many investors with deeper pockets turn to gold ETFs and mutual funds in an attempt to diversify their portfolios, other investors and traders turn to junior exploration and mining companies plentiful in the small cap markets.

Most people look to invest in junior exploration companies because they see the company’s potential in becoming a major source of mine supply in the future, especially because most exploration companies are in search of various precious metals, instead of focusing their efforts on one commodity. This, of course, varies with the scope, location, business plan and staff associated with the particular junior mining company. Nevertheless, there’s a certain level of excitement, and risk, that comes along with investing in a smaller company with significantly more upside potential.

Here are five popular small cap exploration companies:

Strategic Mining Corporation (PINK: SMNG) is engaged in the exploration and development of gold properties in Vietnam, the United States and on the African continent. Most recently, Strategic Mining announced the completion of a geological report on its East Canyon gold property located in Nevada and Utah.

Vista Gold Corp. (AMEX: VGZ) is involved in the evaluation, acquisition, exploration, and advancement of gold exploration and potential development projects. The Company has a number of properties, including the Paredones Amarillos and Guadalupe de los Reyes gold projects in Mexico, the Mt. Todd gold project in Australia, the Yellow Pine gold project in Idaho, the Long Valley gold project in California, the Awak Mas gold project in Indonesia; and claims in Utah. Vista Gold has recently gained some attention, after announcing an estimated two million ounces for the Batman deposit at the Company’s Mt. Todd project.

Midway Gold Corporation (AMEX: MDW) engages in the acquisition, exploration and development of gold and silver mineral properties located in North America. The Company’s current exploration projects include the Midway, Spring Valley, and Pan gold and silver mineral properties located in Nevada, and the Golden Eagle gold mineral property located in Washington.

Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp. (AMEX: XPL) focuses on the exploration of precious metals and base metals in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia. With interests in 15 properties, and 2 royalty properties, the Company explores for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, lead, and zinc metals.

Gold American Mining Corp. (OTC: SILA) explores for gold and silver deposits in its Keeno Strike project in Nevada, and its Guadalupe project located in Zacatecas, Mexico. The Company recently signed an option agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the high-grade silver-gold La Escondida Project located in Sonora State, Mexico.

Gryphon Gold Corporation (OTC: GYPH) is a development stage exploration company whose principal asset is the 27.5 square mile Borealis property located in the Walker Lane gold belt of Western Nevada. According to the Company’s website, the one-square mile Central Borealis zone has been accredited with 1.4 million ounces of measured and indicated gold resources and 1.1 million ounces of inferred gold resources.

While plenty of analysts remain bullish on gold, many investors and traders will continue to turn to junior mining companies for their chance to cash in on the latest gold rush stock.

Happy Trading!

An American Pickup With A Japanese Flavor

The Chevrolet Colorado was introduced in the market in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S10 and the GMC Sonoma model of mid-sized pick-ups manufactured by General Motors. This is a product of collaboration with Isuzu, the company that helped in designing this versatile truck. The Japanese car-maker began selling its own version of the truck in the last quarter of 2005 as its I-series of trucks.

Chevy Colorado is based on the GMT355 platform designed by General Motors of North America, General Motors Brazil and Isuzu. GMT355 was also used as the basis for the Hummer H3’s GMT345 platform.

The patriots camped at the General Motors assembly plants must be thinking of a non-conventional strategy to beat their Japanese rivals. Getting the support of their rival’s own rivals – does that make a sense? Good thinking! But don’t be caught with a spy in your bed. Show them you’ve got that loyalty badge from the patriots – a blue-topped keychain designed just for Colorado owners.

Colorado is available in both manual and automatic transmissions and in either two wheel-drive or four wheel-drive variants. Standard models are powered with a 2.8L LK514 engines, but a power packed variant sports a 3.5L L52 I5 engine – known as Z71 or the 4-door version of both Chevy and General Motors Corporation model (the Canyon). The Z71 later evolved as the LT2 and LT3. There is a ZQ8 edition featuring a lower and road-tunes sport suspension, which sports 17-inch wheels and beautifully designed bumper. So-called Xtreme editions of the ZQ8 have 18-inch wheels.

The US sales of the Colorado and the Canyon peaked in 2005 at 163,204 units, surpassing the Ford Ranger by almost 35% and just 3.3% behind the new best-seller Toyota Tacoma. In 2006, however, while still leading the Ford pickup by 27.5%, Colorado and Canyon’s sales lagged their Toyota competitor’s by almost 34%.

So Colorado owners, get your Chevy Colorado Keychains to show them you are riding on a non-conventional truck, a secret warfare designed to steal technology from the land of the rising sun. Priced at $6.99, designs are available in Circular Chrome plates, Leather topped with Silver, Leather topped with Gold and an Oval Metal variant. All designs feature a blue crystallite dome embossed printed in faint gold scripts bearing the Chevy logo and model name “Colorado”.

The 2008 Colorado maintained its original hardworking stance. A regular cab, extended cab and crew cab variants are available. The 4×4 models are equipped with the Insta-Trac, an automated system where you can easily shift from 2WD, 4×4 low to 4×4 high with just a touch of a button conveniently located at the panel board. As a standard on Z71 variants, the powerful, efficient and durable Vortec 3.7L I-5 engines truly lives on Colorado’s “Work Harder, Play Harder” marketing tag.

The hardworking features of the Chevrolet Colorado are balanced with a powerful Radio Data System compatible radio and music entertainment platform with an in-dash 6-disc CD change. Your remote keyless entry control replaces the key in your elegant keychain this time.

Whitewater Rafting Rivers in Oregon

Oregon is one of the most scenic states in North America. With many protected national parks, forests and coastlines this naturally beautiful region is a vacation dream for the adventurous traveler. One of Oregon’s best recreational attractions is the fantastic whitewater rivers that are perfect for rafting and fishing. With several well known rivers crossing the state Oregon has no shortage of challenging and thrilling rafting sites that are great for families, friends, corporate outings and other group gatherings.

One of the west’s most enchanting and sought out rivers is the Rogue River that stretches nearly 200 miles from the Cascade Range near Crater Lake to the majestic waters of the Pacific Ocean. Featuring deep green pools, scenic forests and stunning waterfalls the Rogue River has been a tourist attraction for campers, fishermen, thrill seekers and rafters for years. In addition to the variety of sporting activities on the river itself the area around the Rogue River is full of deep forests, amazing wildlife and the rustic beauty that has made Oregon one of the last states to avoid commercialization and over-development.

On the Rogue River is one of Oregon’s most scenic attractions, an area known as Gold Hill. This section of the river flows 14 miles from the Gold Ray Dam above Gold Hill, past the valley of the Rogue state park and into the town of Rogue River. This area of the Rogue River features some of the best whitewater rafting runs in the state including the famous Nugget-Powerhouse section that provides ultra-challenging rafting experiences as well as family-friendly runs that are not as dangerous.

Another well-known and sought after river in Oregon is the Upper Klamath River that has been affectionately called “nature’s rollercoaster” by whitewater rafting fans. With amazing forest views, challenging rapids and a number of canyons the Upper Klamath is a dream river for any outdoor enthusiast. The Upper Klamath River is most known for the aptly named Hell’s Canyon Gorge where begins an 85-foot-per-mile drop that leads to other incredible rafting sections such as Caldera, Satan’s Gate and Ambush. The rapids are fast and furious and even experienced whitewater rafters can attest to the skill it takes to navigate these challenging areas.

For the expert whitewater rafter who isn’t afraid of the ultimate test the California-Salmon River, also called the Cal-Salmon, provides one of the most secluded and naturally preserved stretches of river that spans Northern California and into Oregon. Consistently ranking in the Top 5 of Class V whitewater rafting rivers the Cal-Salmon is a breath-taking thrill ride from start to finish that will surely test the rafting skills of even the most seasoned paddlers. The sparkling green waters quickly turn into frothing white water rapids with ominously named sections including Whirling Dervish, Last Chance and the Freight Train. This river is for experts only and will provide thrilling memories that will last a lifetime.

San Diego History

Once upon a time, a little town that we now know as San Diego, was inhabited by only the Kumeyaay people. That small town now stands as one of the biggest and prosperous cities in the United States. Its population now reaches 1,255,240 people and is proud to be the second largest city in California and the eighth largest in the United States. Its geographical position, on the southern coast of California, makes it the perfect destination for vacationers. There are so many things tourists desire: stunning beaches, fabulous weather, endless activities and a top convention destination. The prospering San Diego economy, was made possible by it’s focus on tourism, trade, agriculture, ship-building, the military, biotechnology, computer sciences and electronics. Thanks to this economic development the city’s appearance is being reflected both on the life style of the people and in the design of the buildings. Both tourists and citizens are welcomed to enjoy the downtown area where they will find attractive gathering places, overhead walkways, parks, historic districts and fantastic shopping in innovative centers and residential developments.

But the town was not always the prosperous city we all know. Its beginnings are tied to the Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who first discovered San Diego and claimed it for Spain. He discovered the bay and named it San Miguel and was known under this name until 1602. The Spanish explorer Don Sebastian Viscaino, a Spanish Catholic saint, changed the name into St. Didacus known as “San Diego”. He was first celebrated on November 12, 1602 when the Spanish fort and mission complex, the Presidio, was founded. We now know this area as Old Town, which is a favorite tourist destination in San Diego.

At that time the town was an important shipping point for cattle hide and quarried stone. In order to prove how important this shipping point was we can take the city of Boston as an example since it was paved with stone brought from San Diego.

After 1822, when Mexico gained its independence from Spain, San Diego became the capital of Mexican California. San Diego was under Mexico’s control for about 24 years until it was passed to the United States in 1846.. The town was incorporated as a city in 1850.

The town developed in the next twenty years especially thanks to the whaling port. The town’s downtown was made of a 1,000-acre plot that was then bought by Alonzo E. Horton in 1867. Alonzo started the town’s development by laying out streets, building a wharf and a hotel, and then donating land for churches. The town’s population increased quickly especially after 1870, due to the gold strike. In 1885, when Santa Fe Railroad and a number of eastern investors arrived in the city there were 40,000 people living in the area.

San Diego managed to overcome the economic setbacks from economic and business life even though there were times when the city registered a regression visible in the number of population that dwindled to 17,000 people. The obscurity that lied upon the town was caused by the more developed cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. After the World War II, San Diego extended his territory with almost 20 miles in each direction and became a military center, home base for a large number of naval trainees that were relocated to the city as civilians. So did the city begin its growth and development that has never ceased. The town’s territory expanded after the addition of new distinct communities that developed in the nearby canyons and valleys; territories that though incorporated into San Diego retain a separate identity.

Many of California’s famous fruit and vegetables come from the San Diego’s south side that has a rich agricultural area. These fruits and vegetables are shipped worldwide from San Diego’s port that can be found in the north side of the city. This north side is the area where tourists will find hotels, spectacular cliff homes, and recreational amenities.

The city continued its development and was able to surpass San Francisco as California’s second largest city. One of the things that kept the city alive was the Centre City Development Corporation which is a comprehensive group of developers, financial experts, and civic leaders. San Diego has also been declared as the most efficiently run big city in California and it won’t stand for anything less.

San Diego has overcome many challenges and has proven itself to be one of America’s favorite big cities. Come visit San Diego and experience for yourself all that this treasure has to offer.

Jump In The Technology Bandwagon With Refinance Mortgage Arizona

It’s funny how computer companies that were nonexistent a quarter of a century ago are now setting trends and milestones for older and supposedly more established companies. When Microsoft and America Online outsourced some of their services to India and the Philippines, other companies with services ranging from automotive to medical followed suit. When the software company Intuit started utilizing the vast Arizona deserts and plains, others started seeing the possibilities.

Make Yourself At Home

Since then, Arizona has been playing host to huge corporations, most notably America Online, American Express, and Intuit. The state’s high-tech sector experienced a massive growth in employment in software and computers, electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, and engineering. Even Wal-Mart has jumped into the bandwagon.

And it’s not stopping. With such a remarkable development, refinance mortgage Arizona has been increasingly utilized by residents new and old alike.

It’s The Gold Rush All Over Again

The phenomenon is strangely reminiscent of the gold rush of old when thousands of people all over the world flocked to this area of the continental United States to mine gold. This time, however, gold is in computer chips and it doesn’t look like it will be as ill-fated as the original gold rush, as is apparent from the patronage experienced by refinance mortgage Arizona.

Instead of a boom town, the state now has several. Housing projects are emerging all over the state like mushrooms in the rain with most of the properties obtained through refinance mortgage Arizona.

There’s Nothing Like Space To Set The Pace

So why Arizona? It can probably be attributed to the fact that of the state’s 118,000 square miles, only 15% is privately owned. The area is vast and is a veritable minefield of resources that can be used for sensitive high-tech projects, especially in software development, aerospace engineering, and telecommunications. Also, the vastness of the desert provides the perfect camouflage to safeguard top secret projects of a sensitive nature and keeps the risks confined in such a sparsely populated region.

Yes, Arizona is indeed still very much sparsely populated, even with all the housing projects brought about by refinance mortgage Arizona. Of course, safety is always a concern. However, refinance mortgage Arizona has made sure that housing is well away from the technology hub of the area. Besides, the space itself is the best safety that Mother Nature could provide, definitely something that Arizona isn’t in shortage of.

The Environmental Question

With all these technological giants settling all over Arizona, could the state’s many canyons, forests, and reservations be in danger? They might be, but as long as the companies do their part in preserving the environment, Arizona will come to no harm. That’s why companies like Intuit and American Express are setting examples by sponsoring regular clean up drives of the state’s many deserts and mesas. Thankfully, some of the other companies have since followed suit. After all, keeping Arizona as untouched and unharmed as possible is to everyone’s benefit. Why shouldn’t it be a priority?